Friday, July 01, 2011

Review/Swatches: NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

I've had these little bullets of loveliness (odd phrasing?) for quite some time, but I've never mentioned them on my blog and they deserve some attention!

They are small little bullets of loose eyeshadow. All the shades have a very shimmery/pearly finish, and are very pigmented and blendable. As an added bonus, these have virtually NO fallout, which is always a concern with a loose shadow. Overall, if you are a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, these are something you need to check out!

The only real drawback with these can be the packaging. They are in small open mouth containers, which are too small to dip a brush into. I find the best method is to get a square of toilet paper and tap a small amount onto it and dab my brush onto that to pick up the colour. And I mean a small amount - a little of this stuff goes a long way! Like I said, pigmented!!

The shades I own, from left to right: Nude, Mocha, Black, Pearl, True Purple, Turquoise.

Update: I found Baby Pink! Here's a picture of it, I put it next to Pearl for shade comparison. Baby Pink is on the right, Pearl on the left.

Swatches! Top row left to right is Nude, Black, Turquoise. Bottom row left to right is Mocha, Pearl, and True Purple.

Update: Here is the swatch for Baby Pink! Also swatched next to Pearl for comparison. Baby Pink on the left, Pearl on the right.

Nude is a really lovely shimmery nude, definitely yellow toned. It's gorgeous used as a highlight on the inner corners and the inner part of the eyelid.

Black is a shimmery black, not one I've actually used a lot (I don't have a chance to wear a lot of dark smokey looks so I haven't been able to experiment with it as much) but it's definitely a gorgeous colour, applies very smooth. The thing that I think makes it stand out from other shimmery/glittery blacks is that the shimmer is very finely milled and smooth, no chunkiness in sight.

Turquoise is a lovely light turquoise, makes you think of the ocean! It's almost exactly between blue and green, but perhaps leans a teeny bit more towards blue.

Mocha is a gorgeous medium toned cool brown/taupe shade... it actually appears much cooler in real life than in this picture. I love this shade, it's probably my favourite of the ones I own. So nice just as a wash of colour all over the lid and that's about all you need!

Pearl is a light shimmery pale pink colour, but it has flashes of lavender and white as well.. just like a pearl!

True Purple Pearl is a slightly warm toned purple; there are definite pink undertones in this. Although I generally prefer much cooler, blue-based purples, this is a really pretty shade for sure.

Update: Baby Pink is a light, cool toned pink, but it's definitely darker and more of a "true" pink than Pearl, which has those purply qualities I was talking about.

I have more than a few Ultra Pearls on my wishlist right now, such as Silver, Yellow, Lime, Lilac and Sky Pink.

A tip for Canadians! I have seen NYX in store at some locations, like Save-On-Foods, but it's usually not that well priced, for example these would be around $5 or even $6. I recommend going to a store that stocks NYX in your area to check stuff out in person and swatch to find what you like. I did that and discovered that some stuff I thought I would like wasn't so great in person, and some stuff I had ignored looked awesome! Then go to Cherry Culture and do an online order! The prices are phenomenal, with Ultra Pearls being only $2-$3 each, the site often having great sales, and shipping to Canada being totally reasonable. I've done several LARGE orders from here such as all the shadows in this post, several of the Jumbo Eye Pencils and other things totally only $40 including shipping... so definitely don't miss out on those deals!

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  1. Happy Canada Day! :D
    I really like the Mocha and Turquoise.


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