Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NOTD July 12/11

Sorry for the no updates lately! Work's been keeping me busy and wanting to do literally NOTHING on my down time!! But I have found some time to do my nails! Another one I got the idea for from a Tumblr blog (the manicure inspiration folder on my computer is growing at an alarming rate!) for some flowers on a black background!! I think I still need to get the hang of scaling patterns to the size of my nails... I didn't intend it to be this big or have the flowers overlap! But I still like how it turned out!


  1. They are cute. I really like the colours.

    p.s check out my blog there's a lil something for yaĆ¾

  2. Esther!!!!! :D :D I'm really making this face right now! Thank you so much!!!

  3. wow! i love the nailart you do on this blog....so creative! Wish I was that jazzy with the lacquer :(

    Is there a way you can do pics of a crashcourse for dummies like myself? Like a step by step to the final look eachtime?


  4. Thank you!

    For some of them I used tutorials on youtube (like the one I did of paint splatters) but for many of them I just find a picture of a mani someone else did and posted on the net and try to copy it. I have a big folder on my computer of manicure inspiration photos!! I can definitely try and do a picture tutorial in the future (it would be fun!) but in the meantime definitely check out Youtube for some great tuts. I love cutepolish's channel. :)


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