Thursday, July 21, 2011

NOTD July 21/11

Holy guacamole! I just browsed back and realized that in the past month alone, I've changed my nails a whopping eight times! And only one of those times was just straight polish, every other time was nail art! I hadn't realized it was that much, but to be fair I do type all day at work and then at home I type on the computer a lot too - not too easy on the nails! And changing it up is fun!

Here's the latest look! Leopard print!! Light chartreuse green background with muddy greige and black dots!


  1. Nice! I like the colors you chose. :)

  2. Thank you! I'm really happy how it turned out, leopard print is actually a lot easier than it looks! Mostly blobby little dots so it doesn't take a really steady hand ;)

  3. incredible yellow leopard!!! great job darlin', I'm such a sucker for anything animal skinned :))

  4. Thank you Maryam! I love leopard, you can play with so many colour combos for the nails! I wanna try zebra and maybe even giraffe too :)

  5. great job on this leopard mani!
    the colors flow well(:

    <3 BB


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