Wednesday, July 06, 2011

NOTD July 6/11

Triiiibaaall!!! I had been wanting to try this trend for a while, and I found this colour combo I really liked, so I went for it!! It's not perfect but it was actually easier than I expected it to be! I did redo part of it though - I did the thumb first and liked it on the first go, but the rest I wasn't happy with and re-did. Overall I really like the colours and the design! I'm excited to try out more tribal designs, especially when I get my hands on some proper striping polishes!

Another thing of note is that today is my anniversary with my boyfriend - four years! Can't believe how time flies!! :) Money is tight at the moment so we stayed in and relaxed, watched a movie - I got to come home from work with dinner already made which was also great!! <3 Hope you all are having a great week too!!


  1. i love it! its simple but cute! :)

  2. It looks really interesting & pretty! And congrats on your anniversary! :)

  3. What a cute design! I might just try it next ;)

    P.s thanks for the comment and I sure do that love bag too ;)


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