Sunday, July 03, 2011

NOTD July 3/11 - Confetti! (plus bonus polish swatch)

Fun, bright, happy confetti nails!! I love these so much :)

Also, for the past few days my nails were painted solidly in that blue shade which is Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away!, here's a shot of that.

Such a gorgeous shade!


  1. Such a cute design, it's colorful and fun! :)

  2. Oh, you need to tell me how you did that confetti design! Love it :)

  3. Very easy! I just painted my nails white then did dots of slightly varying sizes in different colours! I used four in total, green, blue, pink and yellow! I made sure to let some overlap.

  4. Very nice colours!! :) I just wish i can do my nails like that :))

  5. Try it! It's really less complicated than it looks! Just dot, dot, dot! I used the end of a bobby pin :)


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