Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse

This is one product that really hits the nail on the head! You may have heard of it before. It has won awards, including Allure's Best of Beauty Breakthrough. Here's a couple descriptions from the experts.

From Sephora:
"What it is:
A weightless mousse that gives even the finest hair thickness, fullness, and touchable body.

What it does:
This mousse contains a revolutionary technology developed by Living Proof scientists-Poly Beta Amino Ester-1, a proprietary ingredient that creates a soft pattern of thickening points on hair to increase texture, body, fullness, and volume. The weightless formulation is flexible and lasts until you wash it out, so you can play with your style without it collapsing.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates "

From Allure:
"Most body builders help hair defy gravity with a gluelike ingredient—called PVP/VA copolymer—that suspends hair off the scalp. But an encounter with a brush, wind, or your restless hands breaks down this brittle coating, and hair sinks like a fallen soufflĂ©. Living Proof scientists ignored the traditional target (roots) and instead created a flexible polymer that adds volume through the length of the hair and stays effective—through mussing and fussing—until the next shampoo."

And from me! The thing I love about this mousse is obviously, how well it volumizes. I have fine hair, but LOTS of it. So volumizing becomes difficult because of the sheer weight of how much hair I have. This stuff plumps me up like a pro! But it's also fantastic as a styling aid. Bangs (or fringe, depending on what part of the world you call home!) are notoriously difficult to style. This stuff makes them SO easy to manage and style, it's really a lifesaver. You also need quite a small amount for it to be effective - too much actually gets a little sticky, so you get the best volumizing effects from a small amount, making it even more cost effective!

I'm currently using a mini bottle of this, but I'll be upgrading to a full size very soon!


  1. I LOVE this mousse too! One of my favorite volumizing hair products ever.. plus no parabens :)

  2. It really does rock my world :) The volumizing cream is pretty good too, have you tried it?


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