Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Project Make It Work: Day 1

My first look to try and use up some of those shadows! Here's the post that explains the premise of the project.

*Sorry this pic is a little overly bright!! The flash really got bright but it captured the makeup so well!

Shades used:

-NYX Luster on the lid, a pretty cool shade that's almost like a toned down neutral version of chartreuse! Also used under lower lashline. A PMIW Colour!

-UD Hustle in the crease, a kind of muted plummy brown that I thought went well with the muted greeny-yellow of Luster

-used the white shade in the CoverGirl Urban Basics quad for inner corner and brow highlight. A PMIW Colour!

-NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

-CoverGirl Lashblast Waterproof mascara

My first try at Project Make It Work was a success! I discovered a look that I REALLY like! Doing colour but in a very muted way is one of my favourite things... I usually go for more neutral looks, but I get tired of always doing browns, taupes, bronzes, silvers etc.... being able to find shades that ARE colours but just muted allows me to do colours in a more wearable way! And this Luster shade is great for that, a very unique colour! And the CG white is actually perfect for a brow highlight, I'll probably be using this a lot when I don't want to have a super shimmery highlight shade, as this one is just satin finish.

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