Monday, June 13, 2011

Project Make It Work: Day 2; and misadventures with hair dye!

Back with my second crack at Project Make It Work! This time I took a crack at my NYX palette!

I really liked the look of the opalescent shade called Opal (how appropriate). It's a cool shade that I think will work with a lot of different colours because it can take on aspects of the colours surrounding it, and thus be very versatile. This time I decided to pair it with purples but I think I'll try it with something completely different next time, to see if it's a versatile as I think!

Main colours used:

-inner part of the lids was NYX's Opal from the Opal/Platinum Silver/Luster trio. A PMIW Colour!

-outer lids and crease was the second shade from the right in the LA Colors Lollipop quint, a pretty medium cool purple colour

-carried both shades under the lower lashline a bit

-used 4th shade in the CoverGirl Urban Basics palette for inner corner and brow highlight - this has been a big payoff of PMIW for me, I find myself reaching for this shade more and more when I want a more subtle highlight - A PMIW Colour!

-liner and mascara!

Now! As for misadventures in hair dye! I have always dyed my hair at home, since I'm naturally a mid-toned brunette, and I only ever dye my hair other shades of brown (adventurous, I know!). So I was never too worried about messing it up since it wasn't like I was trying to go red or blonde!

But this time... I goofed! I usually buy the same dye, a Feria one, and I have tried one or two others but the Feria is what I always go back to and it always turns out great.

But this time, the siren song of the sale got to me. I didn't even really need to dye my hair... my last dye job had mostly faded rather than grown out, so I didn't have visible roots or anything. But I like to wear more self tanner in the summer, and I find that on me, having darker brown hair compliments that well. So I picked the brand of dye I'd never tried before because it was on sale so cheap - Nice n' Easy by Clairol.

I took about 10 minutes deciding which shade to pick before I had finally settled on one of their "Dark Brown" shades - I forget the exact shade name but it was definitely dark brown, and according to the little shade chart on the box (which I know aren't perfectly accurate but usually close enough!) I would have glossy, neutral brown hair (neutral is key for me! golden tones make me look yeeeuch).

So I follow all directions to a T.... climb into the shower to rinse after alotted time... get out, wrap my hair in a towel... 30 minutes later I start to blowdry.

It's black.

Not soft black, or very deep brown. Jet, blue-black. As seen in the pictures above!

*sigh* I normally wash my hair every other day, but I've been washing it every day to try and fade the colour faster. I'm making the best of it in the meantime (still playing around with getting my brows the right shade to match my hair!) and I have been getting compliments from people, but black still just doesn't feel like me!! I can't wait for this to fade down or out, but because it was a permanent shade it may take a little while. :/

Had any hair mishaps yourself?

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