Monday, June 06, 2011

Project Make It Work!

I'm sure all beauty junkies have this same issue.... products you bought, or were given, that for whatever reason you just don't use. Maybe they're not the quality you would like, or the colours you would normally wear, the pigmentation isn't quite there or they just simply don't make it into your rotation because you favor other products first!

This project is all about making those items work - they're just sitting in your collection, taking up space - they've gotta earn their keep!

I've selected four eyeshadow palettes that I rarely use, and over the next few days I am challenging myself to use at least one of these palettes each day. I will be allowing myself to use other eyeshadows since none of these palettes have what I would consider a contour shade, and because I want to be able to figure out how to incorporate these shades into my makeup I already use and see what they work well with that I already love.

Here are the candidates!


Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Incognito - this is actually a freebie size, this was given to me by someone several years ago, they had gotten it as a GWP but didn't want it. I have to say I'm a little surprised that this is constantly name dropped as a huge seller and popular item... the shadows are very smooth and buttery soft, but I find the colours veery pale and hard to see, and I'm fairly pale! But I'll figure something out!!



CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Quad in Urban Basics - this was a silly purchase of mine, I only bought it because I loved the look of the taupe shade... and I only realized later that it appears to be the exact same as the CG single Tapestry Taupe. So although the taupe is well loved, the other three get no play at all! I'm optimistic the white can be used as a semi-matte brow highlight, but I'll need to get creative with the other two!



Merle Norman Lasting Eyecolor Trio in Rosas - another item given to me by someone else that was a GWP. All these colours are gorgeously pigmented and smooth, and I have used the peach a few times, but the other two not so much! And to be honest, that fuchsia terrifies me! Sooo out of my comfort zone!



NYX Triple Shadow in Opal/Platinum Silver/Luster - the pigmentation on these is fairly nice, and the colours aren't bad - but for some reason I just never use these!! That has to change! The middle colour is fairly dupeable within my collection but the outside two, I have nothing else really like them!


First look should be up tomorrow or the next day!! Looks might not be on consecutive days (I'm not starting my new job until next week and so this week I'm just at home, and may not want to/need to put on makeup every day!) but I'll try to have several looks up over the next week or so!! :)


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