Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nail polish and MAC eyeshadow haul!

Triple threat post today!

My new job is in a large shopping mall, so my wallet better watch it! I stopped in a couple stores after work on Friday and grabbed some things I've had on my list for a while! It's always such a satisfying shop when you purchase things you've been meaning to buy, don't you think?

I'm getting more into nail art these days and want to do more with it, so I grabbed several shades of nail polish! And I had been meaning to get a Print eyeshadow at MAC, and finally got that too!

Print is a gorgeous Satin medium grey shade, so buttery soft and easy to work with. I can tell I'll be using this one a lot. I also painted my nails with one of the new polishes I bought, the second one from the right in the picture above, a Sally Hansen shade called Mellow Yellow!

So sunny and bright and gorgeous! The formula leaves a little to be desired though - although it's very opaque (this is just two coats) it's a little goopy and thick, so you have the really work with it to make it look totally smooth, and it dents very easily for a while - it's got a more demanding drying time. But I find putting top coat over it and using my favourite trick of soaking your nails in as cold a sinkful of water as you can stand helps cut down the drying time. For me it's worth it though, since the colour is just too pretty!

Here's some pictures of the Print shadow, with a swatch!

^ Had so much trouble getting this shot!! Sorry it's a little blurry but I took about a dozen other shots that were worse than this! Need a better camera!

Swatched just over bare skin, no primer or anything.

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