Thursday, August 02, 2012

Review: NYX Stick Blush in Hibiscus

The other day I was in one of the few and far between stores around here that sells NYX (although I did here an exciting rumour recently that a mall nearby will be getting a standalone NYX store! Exciting!!) and picked up their Stick Blush in Hibiscus (a.k.a. shade SB 03 - but Hibiscus is more memorable). I've used their Rouge Cream blush before, which is in a little compact, and adored it, so I wanted to give this a shot too. For some reason I've never actually bought a powder blush from NYX - I just keep having good luck with their cream formulas, and this one is no exception.

There's a shot of the packaging. Basic, plastic, nothing to write home about. There is a little heart on the top of the cap, which I think is cute for what it's worth.

Here's the blush itself! I would describe the shade as a medium melon-beige... melon as in a toned down coral with a little bit more pink. And then beiged down. It's sort of a "perky neutral" blush. I usually steer clear of blushes that are more neutral toned and veer more towards brighter corals, pinks and peaches, but I wanted something different this time and I'm glad I did it! In this case, neutral does not equal boring! It gives a really natural, believable flush, for when you want that look.

Here I am wearing it, with just a swipe applied to the cheek and blended with my fingers. This is a bit of a thicker formula, but still nicely blendable. It didn't stay all wet and tacky on my face but it also didn't dry instantly leaving me with no time to blend. The formula is really nice in that way. The staying power is average but for such an easily portable item, I don't mind having to reapply once or twice - easier than pulling out a powder compact and a brush! And then you get that fresh, dewy cream blush finish refreshed too!

This is a great blush for when you want your cheeks to be a supporting player in your look - natural, glowy, easy to apply.


  1. Looks great! I haven't tried any of the stick blushes yet. I have some of the powder and cream blushes that I love. In fact, I've yet to meet a NYX product I don't love.

    1. I know! They're kind of amazing right? I have just one of the Rouge Cream blushes but I want more! And I want more of the stick ones too.. oh dear LOL.


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