Monday, August 06, 2012

NOTD Aug 6/12 - cocktail nails

Hope everyone in Canada is enjoying the long weekend today!

I did these nails the other day just to play around - they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but I still like them, and I finally got to use one of my new Essence polishes! I love how shimmery it is, almost like glass flecks.

I painted all my nails with a coat of Rimmel 60 Seconds in Green With Envy, then added a coat of Essence in Choose Me! on the thumb, ring and pinky fingers. Then a coat each of Revlon Blue Mosaic and LA Girl Glitter Addict in Explosion on the index and middle fingers.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! It captured the light really nicely! :)

  2. this is sooo cool and fresh looking!! I love me some glittery diva manis and this one is totally up my alley!! P. S. Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment on my bloggy, you are such a doll!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxox


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