Monday, January 21, 2013

NOTD Jan 21/12 - mint and magenta with studs

This was a manicure that started out totally different and then needed to be resuscitated because it failed SO BAD!

Remember that Aruba Coconut manicure I did the other day? I wanted to carry on the Bath & Body Works Escape Collection theme, so I started the mani with several magenta nails, and then on the middle nails I was going to do a design based on the packaging of another bottle from that collection. But they looked SOOOOOOO bad. Like laughably bad guys. Epic fail bad.

So I wiped off the polish from those two nails and quickly did something simple so I wouldn't spend another eon doing my nails!

Also, forgive my subpar indoor lighting photo-taking skills. My new job is a full time 9-5 type deal, so there are not going to be many opportunities for me to take manicure photos in daylight unless I start bringing my camera to the office and taking photos out the back during my lunch. Which is an idea, come to think of it...

Both of these were polishes I bought yesterday, and both Revlon. The pink is Revlon Top Speed Bubble, and I LOVE it. The formula on this polish is amazeballs. So smooth and gorgeous, perfect in two coats. The colour is straight up BARBIE. <3 <3 <3 I don't usually go this googoo for pinks but what can I say... the mint is a repurchase, it was on clearance at the drugstore, Revlon Minted. Studs are from!

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