Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Liplicious Best Kiss Haul

I recently bought a set of colour changing lip glosses by Liplicious called Best Kiss from Bath & Body Works and I love them! I tried to take pictures of them but they didn't turn out true to colour so I'll have to try again another time, but I gotta post the haul pics!

The pink goes on totally clear, then turns to a beautiful neutral toned medium pink on the lips, and it smells like brown sugar. Sooo yummy and gorgeous! This is my current favourite brighter pink lip gloss, it looks bright but still natural. It stains the lips after several hours which also leaves a nice look.

Click here to see a FOTD where I'm wearing the pink Liplicious Best Kiss gloss.

The coral comes out clear with tiny gold shimmer, and then turns a warm orangey colour on the lips. This one I had the most trouble photographing, in pictures it looked just like the pink even though in real life it was definitely orange toned. I haven't tried it yet but I think this would look really great over nude lipstick. It smells like oranges!

The berry lip gloss is a red-toned purple shade, which comes out clear with tiny red shimmer - this shimmer also contributes to this berry shade leaning red, rather than too blue which could start to look a little corpse-like. This is a nice option if you like the idea of berry lips but not the intensity they usually have. Smells like berries :).

I'd recommend all of these! The set is at BBW for about $18 CAD, and last I saw you could just purchase the pink one for about $8.50, but the set is obviously a better deal. They have a nice texture on and a really good wear time, plus the fact that they all start to stain your lips is kind of nice, since even when they eventually do wear off (which I find takes a few hours) they leave the colour on your lips.

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