Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freshly Ordered: Jewelry Haul

I have been hitting the Pinterest fashion boards hard the last few days, and one conclusion I have come to is this: I need more jewelry. Particularly statement jewelry! All of my necklaces are either small pendant charms on a chain, or long pendant charms on a chain. I still love those styles and don't plan to stop wearing them, but I wanted something else for variety and to make some of those awesome outfits I've seen on Pinterest happen for me in real life!

I got real lucky tonight too - I scored some absolutely amazing deals and I just can't wait til this stuff arrives!

First I placed an order with HauteLook. If you don't know what HauteLook is, you should!! Basically they host limited time sales for all kinds of brands, at prices that are SO LOW it's insane. I got a $300 curling iron for about $50. And wait til you see the prices for the jewelry I bought!

If you wanna join HauteLook (and simultaneously gift me with a $10 credit upon your first order ;) then CLICK HERE to join!

Now let's see the goods!

This is the Harriet Disc Necklace by Chloe and Theodora. Original price $96.00. I paid $22.00!

And then the t + j designs Pretty in Pink Crystal Necklace. Original price $98.00. I paid $14.00!

Crazy deals right? And the shipping (to Canada, which can be notoriously expensive!) was only $10.95. A steal!

I went to check out the website of t + j designs, and their sale section on their own site. I noticed if you signed up for their newsletter you could get a $10 credit for your first order, so I did that...

I ordered their Lemon Teardrop Necklace. Original price was $30.00. Sale price was $18.00! With the credit, I paid only $8.00!!! Shipping was also a very reasonable $5!

So that was three beautiful statement necklaces, worth over $200, that I paid around $60 for!

I consider this a good day.

Disclaimer: No companies are asking me to pimp their stuff! These were orders made with my money for my own self! Clicking the link to join HauteLook and give me a $10 credit upon your first order is an offer available to any member of HauteLook, not something offered just to me. Join up, share the love, and start sending out invitations to other people to get yourself some credits too! ;)

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