Sunday, August 28, 2011

NYX Round Lipstick Review

This is actually my second attempt with NYX Round Lipsticks. The first time I ordered some, I ended up with three shades that were nothing like the swatches on the website (lesson learned!) and entirely unsuitable for me. Thalia, Circe and B-52 are all popular shades, but not so great on me - I was able to give B-52 to my mom since the colour suits her more, but the other two sit unloved! Which is sad because I LOVE the formula of these - silky smooth and nicely pigmented.

So I gave them another shot, but this time I researched HARD - I only picked out these three shades after seeing at least three seperate swatches for each one, to get a good idea of what they really looked like. And the research really paid off because all three of these shades are perfect for me!

 Indian Pink is a soft pink with gold shimmer, very beautiful and natural looking but with a little glow thanks to the gold.
 Margarita is kind of like a punched-up version of Indian Pink, a little brighter and with a bit more coral in it.

Fig is a creamy medium pink shade, a definite my lips but better shade for me!

I can see all three of these being in high rotation for me, and helping me get over my "fear" of lipsticks!


  1. Indian pink reminds me of MAC costa chic no?

    They all look wonderful on you.. But I love MArgarita the best!

  2. It is a little like that actually! Now I wish I had them to compare :) Could be an inexpensive dupe!

  3. lovely pinks!! can't choose a favorite, they all look great :))


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