Friday, August 12, 2011

NOTD/FOTD Aug 12/11

Double feature today!! I absolutely love how these nails turned out!! It kind of made me realize, in the process of doing them, that even if things look a little whack during the process of doing your nails, stick with it and keep going and it will turn out! If you could see step by step pictures of this, the first few steps just look uggo! And I kind of doubted whether it was going to turn out and thought about stopping and starting over, but I kept at it. And at the end, they turned out great!

So remember, with nail art or even makeup, keep your end goal in mind and keep going for that - the in between stages might not always look pretty but you'll get there! (awfully philosophical for nail art, eh?)

Here's my face today as well!

 Main colours used on the eyes:
  • UD Mildew on lids
  • UD Half Baked just on the centre of the lids
  • Maybelline EyeStudio Shadow Quad in Green With Envy, dark green shade in outer V and light green shade in inner corner
  • UD Virgin for brow highlight and inner tearduct highlight
The lips were:
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Just Enough Buff
  • NYX Girls Round Lipgloss in Whipped


    1. your so gorgeous girl!
      (: i love this eye look

      <3 BB

    2. Your nails look absolutely awesome!

    3. You are exactly right when you say "stick with it they will look amazing once it's finished." You get that with a lot of designs!

      Love the kiwifruits! Doesn't it make you want to eat your fingers? Haha! Love the make-up look as well, you're so gorgeous!

    4. You are so pretty. And love the nails!x

    5. pretty ur nails...
      i would love if u follow back

    6. thanks ladies! :) and sahar, I do follow you but I don't use blogger or google, I use bloglovin :)


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