Monday, September 03, 2012

FOTD Sep 3/12 - NYX One Night in Morocco warm smokey evening look

Technically, this is only an eye of the day, but that's my favourite part anyways! :)

The first two looks I did with the NYX One Night in Morocco palette were more daytime looks (see here and here), but this palette is also great for creating darker, more nighttime appropriate looks too! I went for a warm, brown toned one this time, but with this palette you can also lean towards the cool greys and even one that's mostly in the taupe family. I'll post evening looks with those colour families some time in the future as well!

This look used no eyeliner and no false lashes, but you could amp up the drama a lot more by using one or both of those with this look. I really liked how it ended up looking without both though, so I stuck to just the shadows and mascara for this one (with the obligatory tightliner).

Here's a breakdown of what shades I used where.

First I applied e to the inner half of the lid, bringing it down to the inner corner and also applying it on the browbone. Then I added a bit of a to the browbone and inner corner to lighten it up even more. I applied g into the crease all the way to the inner corner, keeping it distinct from the lid colour, and also blended it onto the outer half of the lid, fading it into e in the middle. I used g again to smudge under the lower lashline, from outer corner to just before the tear duct. I used d to blend out the crease colour up into the browbone, and smudge out the lower lashline a little more. I used a teeny bit of h to bridge the gap between the lower lashline colour and the highlight on the inner corner. Last but not least, I deepened the outer V area of the eye with f, blending it out well.

Hope you liked this look! If you haven't already, this is a great palette to get - lots of versatility for anyone who likes neutrals!

ALSO - weird side note, but I'm blown away by what a difference lighting makes to colour... you can see in most of the pictures I post that I take them outdoors, and my eye colour comes out as really green. In real life it's a little less vivid, more brown toned - a true hazel eye. But in these indoor pics, my eyes look totally different, almost with an earthy teal colour to them! Not at all what they look like in real life but kinda cool eh?


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