Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cherimoya and Barielle polish hauls, NOTD Apr 5/12

I got several new polishes this week to show off for you here! The first two I got were from a random stand I saw in a shoe store, by a brand I had heard of once on a nail blog somewhere - but it's not a brand I see/hear a lot of - Cherimoya. I grabbed two shades to see how they stack up!

The shades are Melon and Mango. Melon did not photograph properly - in this picture it looks kind of minty green, but it real life it's like a neon green but just a little softer - like a pastel neon green. Very cool! I have only swatched these on an acrylic nail so far, but both covered well in two coats. Mango dries to a semi-matte finish, almost rubbery looking, kind of unexpected and cool!

My Barielle haul from HauteLook! They had a 50% off sale so all these polishes were only $4 each. I've seen a lot of bloggers who have cashed in at that sale lately! The shades I got were (clockwise from the top) Sailor's Delight, Date Night, Beaches & Dreams, Do Unto Others, Swizzle Stix, Berry Blue, Blossom, and Buddha-ful. I've swatched all of them and love them ALL, although Berry Blue seems darker than I thought it would based on the swatches I saw. But I could lighten it up by layering over white so NBD. So far I've worn a mani with Buddha-ful (green-toned flakies in a sheer nude base) over Blossom (awesome bright coral-pink shade, gonna be perfect for summer pedis!). Check it out:

Definitely excited to try out more of these - I'm about to do my nails again with another one of my new shades!

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  1. Oeh! I definitely wanna try that one! Looks great!


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