Friday, March 23, 2012

I have Helmers!

Yaaaay!!! I have been wanting Helmer drawers (from IKEA) for storing my nail polish for a long time, as I'd heard many times how perfect they were for it! I finally got my set of drawers yesterday and I am soo happy!! I wasn't sure if I wanted white or silver (red was there too but I wasn't drawn to that colour) but I'm glad I picked white, I think it looks so clean and nice and less filing cabinet-ish than the silver would have.

Of course, the only real drawback to having this baby is that now, I want MOAR nail polish to fill it! I counted all my polishes (including 2-way nail art liners) and I only have 97 - an appauling amount according to my boyfriend and any friends who aren't into nail art, but very modest compared to most nail art fanatics and bloggers. I have about 8 more bottles on their way from an awesome Barielle sale on HauteLook last week, but this collection needs expansion!

One of my favourite things about this is how it's on wheels - I can roll it over to the couch, where I usually sit while I'm doing nail art, and place a paper towel on the top to use it as a work surface for my nail art. Then when I'm done, tuck away all the polishes in their drawers, and wheel the Helmer back into some unobtrusive corner so my boyfriend and roomie don't get upset at me for leaving my nail polish all over the place!

I didn't take pictures, but the top drawer is glitters, second drawer reds, pinks, oranges and nudes, third is blues, greens and yellows (well, yellow - I only have ONE! What?!?!), fourth is purples, blacks, whites and greys, the fifth is supplies like base and top coat, files, remover, thinner and remover pads, and the bottom drawer houses all my nail wheels and 2-way striper pens!

On a side note, is it weird that I actually like putting together IKEA furniture?

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