Sunday, April 03, 2011

What's on the Wishlist? Vol. 2

Alert! Alert!! Code Red!!

I have no idea if this is a recent development or I'm just oblivious, but I just found out that Sephora (at least online, I've never noticed it in stores) carries The Body Shop products!! *swoon* TBS is one of my favourite stores to go into, it's like everything they touch turns to magic. There is no better smelling store in the mall, no bath and body products I would rather see as I unwrap presents on Christmas morning (who hasn't gotten The Body Shop gift sets for more than a few Christmasses? Yet I'm never tired of them...)

Sure, I could go into the store... but since The Body Shop is a brand I trust, and is somewhere nice and central I often shop online from anyways, it's great to know I can get it all in one place!! So here's a wishlist of stuff I want from The Body Shop at! The Body Shop is an ethically sourced, natural beauty brand.... just one more thing to love.

So far there is only a small selection of The Body Shop products available on the website (none of the makeup line for example) but hopefully in the future there will be more!

Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I used to use this stuff in high school, and it is such a nice, basic everyday moisturizer. I would love to go back to it and try it again and see how it works on my skin now. Plus I don't know why this matters, but I love the soft pink colour of it... so pretty!

Vitamin C Skin Boost

I thought this was a toner of some sort, but apparently what this gel product does is smooth your skin and create a radiant glow that isn't just from the product itself, it actually helps create that glow in your skin itself with continued use - basically, it's a primer but more! You can wear it with or without makeup though. And apparently it has a gorgeous orange scent to it. Definitely a primer I want to try, see if it lives up to the hype!

Cocoa Butter Body Butter

The Body Shop's Body Butters are serious moisturizers. They are thick, luxurious, and smell AMAZING. Anyone who has ever smelled Satsuma knows what I'm talking about. But as much as I do loove the strongly scented body butters (I have a Coconut one - you put that puppy on and you smell like coconuts all day long) I want to try one with a more subtle scent, because I like wearing perfume and I don't want my moisturizer to compete. This Cocoa Butter one sounds like it fits the bill!

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