Saturday, March 23, 2013

NOTD Mar 23/13 - nude and blue leopard

Sorry for the bit of a gap in updates! I recently got an iPhone and I've been playing around with Instagram (username is kayleighk88 if you want to follow :) ) so I've been a little distracted!

I haven't managed to get a "real" photo of these nails but the Instagram photo turned out pretty good so I thought I would also share here!

I used a couple coats of Barielle in Beaches & Dreams and then for the middle of the leopard spots I used Essie in Butler Please, which I recently picked up on sale! Looove this colour, going to be doing more with it ASAP! The black is acrylic paint.

It seems like pretty much everywhere in North America except here in BC is getting crazy blizzards lately!! It's actually been getting sunnier and nicer here, still a nice little hailstorm the other day though, and even snow about 30 minutes away from my work, where it was sunny. What up, global warming?! But even this little bit of sun is making me hopelessly excited for summer to hurry up and come... I can predict my manis will only be getting more and more summery!

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