Friday, May 25, 2012

NOTD May 25/12 - gold round studs on nude

Part two of my reviews for Born Pretty Store! The second product they kindly sent me was a package of their 1.5 mm golden studs. I'd seen lots of cool manis around the web using these, and I knew I needed to get me some! Now I'm so glad I did because I did my first look with them today and I am in love with it!

I started with a couple coats of Beaches & Dreams by Barielle, and then arranged the studs in two rows down the middle of each nail. Very simple, just a bit fiddly to do! And veery fiddly to get the extra studs back in the back! LOL But totally worth it!

I can totally see myself using these again and again! They're a wicked bargain too, only about $4 a bag and you get TONS of them! Definitely try these babies out!


  1. this is super cute Kayleigh!!! I'm in LOVE!!! This design is girly but tough!! POW :D

  2. Thank you so much! I kind of surprised myself because this idea came out of NOWHERE and I love it so much too!

  3. Wow this is very classy :) Good job !


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