Thursday, February 02, 2012

Review: NYX HD High Definition Eye Shadow Base

A while ago I was scraping down to the last of my bottle of UDPP and I realized I really needed some new eye primer! I was in Save-On grabbing some things and I saw a display with the NYX eye primers and decided I may as well give them a try since they were around half the price of Urban Decay's offerings!

Happily I can report there isn't much difference between this and more high end brands, at least not for me! The texture is very similar to other eye primers, the only difference being that I find this is a little bit "wetter" and needs a little longer to set before you put eyeshadow on top - but we're talking a matter of no more than 30 seconds here, nothing crazy. Other than that I find it performs just as well as UDPP for increasing the colour impact of your eyeshadows and making them last longer!

I'd recommend you check this out if your're looking for a more inexpensive eye primer option - Cherry Culture sells it for only about $6-$7.

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