Friday, February 03, 2012

Earring storage!

Fairly unrelated to most of what I post here, but I had to show off my new earring storage method!

I'm the worst kind of procrastinator there is... case in point, for the last 3-4 years my method of storage for my earrings has been... in a ziploc bag. I kept meaning to buy something pretty to hang them on but never got around to it or never just happened to stumble across the right thing. Luckily though, I saw this beauty a few months ago at Claire's, where it just so happens my cousin works.... a quick text later and this was my future Christmas present! It was too perfect - a "K" like my name (Kayleigh) and wall hanging, because counter space is at a premium in my bathroom.

Love it so much! <3 Beside this, I have three simple nails hung on an angle that hold my necklaces, like so:

One day (maybe in another 3-4 years? LOL!) I should get some pretty hooks, but for now this is totally functional!

How do you store your jewelry?

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