Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body Cream (in Carried Away)

Not too long ago the first Bath & Body Works I'd seen in my neck of the woods opened in the same mall I work at. I'm not really a body lotion junkie like some girls - in fact I stopped in because I actually needed to buy new body lotion since I was almost out - how many girls can say that!? Most people I know (including myself in the past) have about five or more bottles on the go at a time. But I made myself finish them first before buying more and I'm glad I waited til this moment!

Since I had never tried anything from the company before, I decided to take advantage of the promo they had (not sure if it was a regular thing or a temporary sale) with 3 minis for $10. That's the first thing that struck me about this store actually - how afforable everything was! Mini lotions were $6 (or 3 for $10) and full sized ones were $12! Totally reasonable prices so I was really happy to see that.

For my trio of minis I picked two body lotions - a slightly thinner consistency lotion which was recommended to me by the sales associate when I mentioned I liked the scents of a couple creams but thought they might be too strong - apparently the lotion versions don't have as heavy a scent as their cream counterparts. Makes sense right? For the lotions I got Pink Chiffon and Bali Mango. And then for the Triple Moisture Body Cream I got Carried Away!

I'm teeerrible at identifying fragrance notes, so all I can really tell you about the scent is that it's flowery, and girly. But that's not really why I'm writing this review anyways - I'm writing it to rave about the amazing texture of this cream!

You know the feeling your face has after you apply primer? That really soft, smooth, almost powdery finish that glides like silk?

Yup, that's what my whole body felt like after applying this cream. It was amazing and unlike any other cream I've ever tried. It's been half an hour since I applied this (and applied tanning lotion over top) and my skin still feels the same way.

There is NO doubt in my mind that I will be buying more of this formula. I'm excited to try out the body lotions and see if they approximate this feeling too - I'm not sure if they will since they are an admittedly thinner, less rich formula, but I'm sure they're still excellent quality.

For this price and these results, Bath & Body Works has won me over with their Triple Moisture Body Cream formula!

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  1. seems cool.
    I'm also terrible at identifying fragrance notes ;)


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