Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What's On the Wishlist? Vol. 6 - Jewelry Edition!

Recently I've been really wanting to beef up my accessory collection, and Forever 21 is really the perfect place to do it! I've gotten a couple of necklaces there and the prices are always amazingly cheap and the selection is just HUGE! If there's a Forever 21 near you and you haven't hit it up for accessories yet, do it!

Here's a sampling of some of the stuff I'm lusting after from there!

Polished Deer Head Necklace ($4.80)

Caged Bird Necklace ($6.80)

Feather Necklace ($4.80)

Riddled Leaf Earrings ($4.80)

Beaded Chains Bracelet ($12.80)


  1. I love everything on this list.

  2. Hehehe me too!! Luckily for me I can't just go and impulse buy all of these because the only F21 around here is quite out of the way!


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