Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two-Way Nail Art Polish Review

I think (I am too lazy to check my archives so you may have to take my word on this...) that this is my first true review of a nail polish product! And really, besides basic nail polish itself, this is the first thing I've purchased for nail polish... and boy am I excited to review it for you!

I recently ordered a set of 24 two-way nail art polishes from the Born Pretty Store. The set was priced quite well at only $23.05 - I've seen similar sets for about $30 for only 16 colours. The first thing (that my roommate actually pointed out) that was pretty cool about this set is that when you use up a colour, it would be pretty easy to clean out the bottles and refill them with another polish, because the brush and nib are the best parts of these!

But first, I guess I should show them all to you! Here they are in all their glory!

There's a good selection of creams, shimmer/frosts and GLITTERS! Here's a close up of a couple of my favourite glitters in the set:

*drool* So preeeetty.

But of course the other important thing is how these get their name - two-way nail art polish!

Here's one way, the striper brush:

And the other way, the fine detail "nib" - such an adorable word for some reason! It's a very fine metal tube you squeeze the polish out of (the bottles are made of a flexible plastic, not glass):

There are of course, cons to this set as well! One of them I noticed very quickly was that the quality of the striper brushes was not exactly consistent:

Some brushes are longer and thicker and more uniform, while others are shorter, sparser and have a few bristles longer than the others. Although I do find they're just as easy to work with no matter what, but it bears mentioning. The other thing is that it can be a little difficult to work with the glitters using the fine detail nib. The picture below shows two stripes of glitter from the striper brushes (top) and then below a couple lines using the detail nib - you can see the glitter density is a little more inconsistent with the nib - I think it has a little trouble getting through the fine tip!

Another nice thing about this set is that they include handy little metal cleaners for the nibs on the bottom of each bottle:

But a word of caution - if you dump these out to use and then grab a big handful of them to put them away, don't do what I did and stab yourself in the thumb with one of these bad boys!

The doctor says I'll live. ;)

Overall, I really do LOVE this set and would totally repurchase it and recommend others try it out!

Also, just to clarify I am not affiliated with Born Pretty Store in any way beyond being a customer, and these items were purchased using my own money and reviewed with 100% my own opinions and impressions!


  1. Nice! I actually ordered some of these awhile ago and have been waiting for them to come/hoping they're not total crap, so now I feel a little more prepped for the experience. :)

  2. how awesome is this set!!!!!! omg silly me, i do all of my nail art with a toothpick!!!

  3. LOL I did them all with toothpicks too! But man does this ever make it easier!!


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