Saturday, October 01, 2011

nail polish dreams...

I just had to post about my bizarre dream last night!

I was with a big group of friends and we were on our way to a nightclub or bar or something like that, and we were all on a bus. We stopped at this big grocery/drugstore and all went in, and I got separated from the group checking out the cosmetics section (this sounds like real life right now, not a dream...) and then I found this AWESOME display of nail polish pens. I got so sidetracked looking at them that all of a sudden everyone was ready to go because the bus was leaving. I ran with the pens I wanted to buy (black, yellow, red) to the till but by the time I paid, I'd missed the bus. But I wasn't really bummed... I had the polish pens.

LOL This must have been because I bought a big set of polish pens from the Born Pretty store yesterday! This is how you know your hobby is taking over your life!


  1. Haha awesome! I love that I'm not the only one having nail polish dreams. I usually end up browsing through a huge warehouse of nail polish supplies, buy the most amazing things I've never seen before then wake up with empty hands. Life as a beauty blogger is tough! :D I look forward to seeing the pens you got from BPS!

  2. Uggh I know!! LOL I used your promo code too BTW! Thanks!! Hehe! I always have shopping dreams and it's torture, buy all this amazing stuff and wake up and not only do I not have it, it's not even real!!


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