Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Four new sets on Etsy!

Hey everyone! I've been working on these sets over the last while, and I've got all four of them up new in my Etsy shop! Some of you may recognize a couple of these designs, a couple are new though!

My stud design I did on my nails around a week ago! I thought it would be awesome on a set since it got such a good response. :) Now it can be yours!

Another favourite of mine I did on my own nails, the yellow with pink roses!

A skittles set of candy colours with leopard print and little bits of iridescent glitter! Cute for summer :)

Inspired by Disney's Alice in Wonderland, painting the roses red nails! Marrying my love of this movie (and all things Alice) with my love of floral print nail art!

Check them all out along with the rest of my offerings! Thanks for looking! :)


  1. You have such steady hands and excellent painting skills--totally jealous! ;)

    My favourite set has got to be the rose hedges. Such great texture and depth to them, and I love how the red paint is still dripping from the roses--what a picture-perfect idea! ^_^


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