Saturday, June 02, 2012

first Illamasqua polishes/I have an awesome boyfriend

Ever since Sephora got its beautiful new nail polish display, I've been eyeing up Illamasqua's polishes, wanting them... I may have mentioned it offhand at some point to my boyfriend, but honestly I talk so much about nail polish I'm sure most of it goes in one ear and out the other.

So imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I came home from work today, and found this sitting on top of my Helmers:


I daintily peeked inside tore the tissue out of the bag and inside were these lovelies!

TWO Illamasqua polishes plus a top coat!! Is my boyfriend amazing or is he amazing? He just popped out to Sephora (and he hates the mall, he wasn't just there to chill out) and bought me a random gift! Of nail polish! Really nice, great quality nail polish! Hell, I'd be happy if I came home to find a couple Wet n' Wilds waiting for me, but this was just beyond!

I knew I had to swatch them immediately, if not sooner, so here they are. The red colour is called Scarab and the green is called Viridian. Both were topped with the Sephora top coat!

Both gorgeous! The formula on these was lovely and easy to work with, these were each two coats. Thank you to my honey for the amazing present!


  1. I love Illamasqua! The nail colours look great :)
    What a nice boyfriend you have!!

    Brittany xo

  2. wao pretty the red one

    are you following me if not please do it

  3. Oooh, I love the lush, jewel tones of these polishes--I must have them! Your boyfriend seriously rocks. ^_^

  4. Thanks everyone! Yup, he's a keeper! ;)


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