Tuesday, December 20, 2011

recent nail polish haulage!

I feel like my nail polish acquisition always comes in big spurts! I'll go weeks without getting any, and then get several in a very short time. Which leads to lovely little haul posts like this!

Sorry about the lighting! It was very cloudy and dark out today, not prime lighting conditions for taking photos! The first four were from a Cherry Culture haul and of them, I am most excited about the glitters, especially the silver! Sooo pretty!! Can't wait to do some manis with them! The Nails Inc one in the middle was a Christmas present from my roomie and it's gorgeous!! My first Nails Inc polish - they call it a 3D glitter and it's got a dark purple microglitter base with larger multichrome iridescent glitter flecks all through it that change colour in the light! So cool!

The next three are all polishes from Icing by Claire's and might I say, I will definitely be going back there to beef up my glitter polish collection! One is bright blue microglitter, the second is a really beautiful combo of blue, purple and pink and one is a mixture of black and gold. Last but not least, a lovely Sinful Colors polish that's a deep blue green shimmer shade.

And then right up front we also have my new glass nail file my roommate gave me - it is sooo nice, my nails feel so smooth when I file them with this!

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