Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NOTD Dec 20/11

I'm so excited about these because I've been wanting to do them for sooo long, and now they are ON my nails! Whoop!

The funny thing about this huge Christmas sweater nail art trend happening right now is that I swear I had a psychic premonition about it! LOL No seriously!! Back in the summer tribal nail art was super huge, and I remember thinking to myself about what other kind of complex patterns might look cool as nail art - and I thought to myself, fair isle! I even did a bunch of searches for it but I realized at that time that my nail art needed a little more practice before I was up to it, and that also it wasn't quite seasonally appropriate for midsummer! So I held off... and then winter approached and I started seeing the design popping up all over the nail art world! So there - even though I did nothing to actually start the trend, I was right on the nose for sensing what was gonna be big soon!

Aaanyways, I've finally pitched in with the trend and I just adore the outcome! I did these on false nails because I couldn't fit the design I liked onto my own short nails!


  1. It looks so awesome, really great job. :)

  2. These look so cool! I love how complicated but Christmassy they are! Great job!



  3. They turned out to be so pretty. But wow must have they taken a long time to finish especially the right hand. The design looks really pretty though <3xxx

  4. Thanks! :) I painted them before I glued them on though so I didn't do anything with my left hand!

  5. omg this is toooo cute!!! I gotta say, your nail art is getting better and better-- I LOVE IT!!!

  6. So cute :) Just Love it.

  7. Thank you! Practice makes perfect! :D


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