Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOTD Sep 29/11, and other nail related things

I am SO excited because I got my big bulk pack of nail wheels today and spent the afternoon watching TV and painting! My idea of a great time!! I'm in between jobs right now, and have had this week off - starting the new one on Monday, so the free time is just excellent.

I came up with this design on the nail wheel today and loved it so much I put it right on my own nails, and I'll probably paint them onto a set for my Etsy shop too! I'm really enjoying having it, today I actually was put into a Treasury for Halloween related items! Check it out! Totally made my day! :D Also some other lovely people had added some of my sets to their favourite items. I'm gonna flip when I make my first sale!

Anyways, here are the nails!

Love them!! Here's a bit of a preview of some of the sets I have in my shop right now, since I haven't really showed them off on the blog itself!

Thanks for popping in! :)


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