Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: LA Girl Color Addict Nail Polish

Recently, the shoe store I work at got a display of LA Girl nail polishes. Weird I know, but I guess nail polish relates to toenail polish which relates to feet and therefore shoes... soo yes. Anyways when I first heard it was coming I wasn't too excited, I figured they'd be very cheapy crap quality stuff. But when it arrived, I couldn't help myself, especially when I saw the price!!$4.99 each or two for $7.99... plus I get my 30% staff discount! So I picked out four shades, and got them all for about $12.50 including tax!! STEAL!

All the colours in the Color Addict line (or at least all the ones we got) have a bit of fine gold microshimmer in them. It shows up more in certain shades than others.

Here are the shades I got:

This colour is called "Sensation". It's a very beautiful bright fuchsia pink. A real true Barbie pink, and although I would never have guessed it, probably my favourite colour of the four. That's the one thing that threw me for a loop with these four... I didn't like them in the "order" I thought I would! I think the gold shimmer also shows up best in this one.

This shade is called "Escape". It's a gorgeous peachy-pinky-coral shade, and the gold shimmer pairs really well with this one too. I thought this would be my favourite, and it probably is second favourite behind Sensation, but I have a feeling this one would look even better if I were more tanned! It's on my toes right now, but I'm sparing you pictures of the state they're in. ;)

This one's called "Habit". Purple is notorious for not photographing properly, and this one's no exception. It isn't NEARLY as blue as it looks here, in fact it's a much more "warm" red-toned purple in real life. It's a nice colour but it's probably my least favourite of the four, only because cool toned colours look better on me usually... if it actually were the colour it looks like in the photo, I'd probably be all about it!

This one is called "Disorder". It's a deep grey with the gold shimmer visible only from certain angles. This one is kind of neutral for me, as far as how I feel about it. Don't love it, don't hate it!! Update: After having this one for a while, I actually really do like it a lot!

The formula on all these is pretty good, especially for the price! One coat is very thin, and it's pretty watery. But 2-3 coats is perfect. A con is that it doesn't dry very well. Even a couple hours after I put it on, when it feels dry to the touch, it can still get nicked or creased by my sheets if I go to bed. Since I often do my nails in the evening, what I like to do with this stuff is put it on a few hours before bed, and then do topcoat the next day after it's inevitably creased on my sheets, to cover that up.

BUT... once it's dry, the lasting power of this is great!! I get VERY minimal chipping and tipwear! Honestly I would compare this favourably overall to nail polishes twice the price or more. I'll definitely be buying more shades.

Swatches hopefully to come soon! You can kind of see Sensation on my nails in the pics, I didn't post a straight on shot of them though because like my toes, my hands/nails need a little love right now before they're camera ready!

LA Girl Nail Polish is available at as well.

I was not paid or given any product to review for this (obvs!), it was my purchase and my opinion.

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