Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inexpensive Haul! L.A. Colors and E.L.F.

Today I made first time purchases from two brands! I actually found them at Urban Planet, not somewhere you'd normally shop for makeup! I noticed the L.A. Colors 5 pan eyeshadows sitting in a bin, and there were testers so I swatched a couple and was surprised how smooth and pigmented they were! I picked out two palettes to grab, since I had a shirt and the promo in store was buy 2 items get 1 free... so I got both eyeshadow palettes for only $4! Then I noticed these ELF lip glosses which were only $2.50 each, so I took advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free on that and got three of them for $5! Wooop all that makeup for about $10 - STEAL! Here's a pic of the collective haul.

Here's pics and swatches of the lip glosses. I'm really impressed with these - nice colours and texture and they seem to really last a while. They are called the ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine.

From left to right the shades are called Pink Kiss, Tropical Breeze, and Honey Do.

Same shade order as above, swatched l-r.

And the shadows!

First palette is called Lollipop. All gorgeous purple/pink shades. Most of them are more pinky-purple but the one second from the right is a really gorgeous blue-purple that I LOVE - I've been looking for a shade like this!

The second palette is called Unforgettable. Lots of lovely neutrals here  - I can see myself using this a lot!

These were all swatched over UDPP, and like I said I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation and smoothness of these shadows. These are all just one or two swipes of the finger, from pan to skin. No repeatedly going back or anything, and no fussing around to get them to look smooth and pretty. Very easy to work with. I wish I had bought more of them!

I'll probably do a look with one of these palettes soon! Maybe both! ;) Enjoy!


  1. WOAH holy good deal batman! Can't believe you got those palettes for $4. The Unforgettable one looks gorgeous.

  2. I know! Hahah that's so funny, I use the holy ____ batman phrase a lot too! It really is! The only downside is underneath the top layer they aren't quite as shimmery, but still really nice! And with a primer (which I use every day anyways) they lasted all day! The colours kind of remind me of seashells :)

  3. [...] lids and crease was the second shade from the right in the LA Colors Lollipop quint, a pretty medium cool purple [...]


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