Monday, February 25, 2013

NOTD Feb 25/13 - lavender and chevrons

I finally made my first foray into chevrons! I like the design a lot and although I'm not 100% happy with this mani, I know what I want to do differently next time to make it better.

My only issue with this mani is that I think the chevron stripes are too thick - next time I'll make them thinner. Other than that though, I like it! It's easier than I thought it would be to do - probably largely due to the fact that I used acrylic paint instead of nail polish!

Lavender is Revlon Top Speed in Lily, and the white is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On. Black is acrylic paint!


  1. Cool! How did you do the chevron stripes?

    1. Thanks! I used a detail brush and black acrylic paint. I made little dots for the peaks and valleys of the chevrons and then just connected the dots!! I figured it I just tried to draw them line by line they would turn out kind of wonky looking LOL!


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