Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadows

These shadows were getting so much buzz over the past few months, and I've got to say I'm normally not the sort to buy single eyeshadows. Most of the shades I own and use regularly come from a palette of some size, whether it's just a quad, or something big like the Naked Palette or one of the jumbo Sephora ones. So a single eyeshadow has to really capture my attention to get me in a buying mood!

The texture of these is very cool, and said to be a dupe for more expensive offerings like the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and Chanel Illusion D'ombre lines. Like my nail of the day post earlier today, any drugstore line that offers dupes of department store products is good in my books! The texture is somewhere between a powder and a cream, sort of spongey feeling. They come with a little black disc on top to keep the shadow compressed.

I find the best way to get a lot of colour is to just swipe it on with your fingers, then blend out with a regular shadow brush after. But if you prefer to use a brush to pack the colour on, make sure you use either a stiff synthetic brush (like a concealer brush) or a natural fibre eyeshadow brush with stiffer, denser bristles - you won't be able to pick up the pigment with a soft, fluffy brush.

I first picked up the shade Sahara Treasure which is a shimmery bronze shade. It's light enough to use as an all over crease shade for day, but dark enough that you can put a lighter shade on the lid and use it as a crease shade too. Nice and versatile! Similarly, the second shade I picked up - Hourglass Beige - is great to use as a highlight shade on the inner corner, but would be beautiful used all across the lid too! It's a warm champagne beige shade, also nice and shimmery!

On the left is Hourglass Beige, and the right is Sahara Treasure. Note when you are opening these for the first time to be careful though! The side you see in the picture is actually the bottom of the package - when you open the lid, the window will be on the bottom - don't open it upside down and let that little black disc fall out!

Swatches! Sahara Treasure on the left, Hourglass Beige on the right!

These last a long time and I would definitely recommend them! There's a nice selection of shades from the line - lots of neutrals and lots of brighter colours too! Their texture won't be like anything you've seen before (unless you've tried the Giorgio Armani or Chanel versions) and that alone will be a thrill for makeup lovers!


  1. They are so pretty I have one but I really want get some more.

  2. Hahahah well I just went out to the drugstore and ended up coming home with one more! LOL Within an hour of making this post! Hahah I got Flashback Silver... it's a gorgeous lilac-silver shade!


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